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Preston Bradley Center

The Uptown Community Podcast does not have commercials for big business. This is a people driven podcast. Currently the podcast a project of Peoples Church of Chicago at the Preston Bradley Center in Uptown, Chicago. This uniquely progressive church The Peoples Church was brought to Uptown by Preston Bradley when he built the current Preston Bradley Center to 941 W. Lawrence in 1922. Since becoming a project of Peoples Church in 2019 the podcast received funding from the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program with a one time grant of $7,000. Preston Bradley is included in sponsored episodes featuring his short inspirational messages. 

In The Future

The grant runs out in June, 2021 at which point the podcast will become a Grass Roots structured organization. The Uptown Community Podcast is exploring all options for future funding, organizational structure, and growth within the community. Any collaboration is welcome. Please contact Ben or Jason at or any interests or concerns.


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