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We hope nothing is secretive here. The understanding that is brought up in this podcast goes both ways.


(Method to the madness)

Each episode of the Uptown Community Podcast uses a common structure. 

This structure is based on different ideas for facilitating educational activities and reflecting on deeper meaning of a shared experience. 

A helpful acronym identified as a “focused conversation model” ORID to describe the four levels of Understanding.

The first part is to spend time with the vary basic elements: or observe what one can appreciate with the senses colors, words, most often things you can count or how things look. 

After establishing very basic things the conversation can reflect on the different items and some of the components that are making them up. When understanding people the second level talks about their different roles and things they do in their life. 

The more complex part is to make connections which is actually where most conversations start. How we interpret the ideas around us can have consequences if not done in a methodical manner. 

The last part is to make a claim of going forward or Decisional level of conversation. This can sound like advice some of the time, or what you can hope for in the future. 

Focused conversations and leveled understanding is the mission of the Uptown Community Podcast.  By relying on structured understanding and structured thinking we can preserve the aspects of our humanity that matter most. This is what can help us understand each other and our neighborhood a little bit more.


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