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The world of art is not limited to visual, performative, or having an appreciation of art. If you know of art in Uptown, create or have created art, are an artist or know of an artist reach out to the podcast team.


Culture includes social issues that face our society and neighborhood. Justice, equity, and humanity are all beliefs that carry this podcast forward. Culture can also be the topic if there is not any specific area of fucus. A person’s life and experiences represents an aspect of our culture. If you have any specific experiences or opinions about living in this culture please reach out to the podcast team.


The Rev. Dr.Preston Bradley, a historical and influential force in Uptown and this podcast described himself as “gloriously a heretic” for believing in his christian faith as well as promoting other belief systems. 

The Uptown Community Podcast was founded in The Peoples Church of Chicago by a Buddhist Unitarian or Buddhitarian. We hope to talk with many who have any inclination towards the greater good, great spirit, the divine, or holy one.


Uptown has a rich history including the original entertainment district. The fame of some of Uptown’s characters can be considered along with the influences of various communities. There are many fascinating aspects of Uptown which makes for compelling stories and great conversations. Reach out to the team today if you know or have been a part of Uptown’s history.


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